Weight Managment

Do you have or suffer from:

  • Diabetes?
  • High blood pressure?
  • High cholesterol?
  • Thyroid issues?
  • Swelling?
  • Little or no self esteem?
  • Low self confidence?
  • Embarrassment?
  • Guilt? Shame?
  • Depression? Anxiety
  • Feeling worthless?
  • Worry about having an early death?

Weight loss is a massive multi-billion dollar industry full of tricks ranging from pills, oils, food systems, surgeries and more. There is not a single person alive who has not tried to lose weight and keep it off. The weight just comes back once any of those mentioned tricks stop. Why? The answer is easy your subconscious as a child either saw someone using a trick aka a diet or you experienced bullying or abuse of some kind.

Your subconscious makes up 95% of all your daily decisions and keeps everything you ever tasted, touched, felt, saw, smelled as a known which makes it “safe” to the brain reguardless of what took place. This is not your fault or those around you as it is how all of us are programmed growing up. I will use myself as an example as I have been obese for over 2 decades. I had a weight loss surgery that failed, used many tricks, systems, etc all failed. Why? Food is essential to life and is a part of every family gathering including funerals. We can’t escape eating. We can choose the foods we eat, the amount of phyical activity we do and whether or not we want a health related issues to occur all in the choices we make. Why is it hard for us?

I never was bullied growing up by other kids that I remember. I do remember 1 of my parents telling me I was getting too heavy and to not be heavy like them. I was shamed into my body, stepping onto the scale when I needed the opposite. I needed love and acceptance that my body was growing and if I eat more I need to move my body more through activity. Back in my day we didn’t have all these video games ruling our lives as that addiction wasn’t even a thought nor was tv addiction. My activity came from riding bike in the summer and winter well playing outside in the snow. Why did I get heavy? I was being sexually abused in addition to the scale of shame. In protecting myself from being hurt one of the ways my body still has chose to cope is keeping the extra weight on. It makes sense as many people don’t want “fat person” to be with and I was never hurt being “fat” as an adult or as a child once the weight came on.

As a child I did all the tricks I mentioned above minus the weight loss surgery as I had that when I was older. Only to have it removed because of issues from lapband. My greatest weight loss came when I had support from Weight Watchers losing 89.5 lbs that was short lived as I got pregnant, miscarried, went back to weight watchers, got pregnant and well I haven’t gone back. I know hypnosis does work to release the weight as getting to the root of the core issue as to why your body is holding on to the weight does get resolved. Our minds are powerful and the subconscious entire goal is to keep you alive at any cost even keeping you from your goals. Change is unknown and is a fear to the brain. My weight releasing will come in time once I am done having children. In the mean time I can still choose healthier foods that prevent diabetes, thyroid issues, and more when I combine activity. My clients have had results that are slow yes, keeping weight off long term yes and you are the next success in acheiving weight release. Releasing weight is letting it go. Weight loss is to lose weight to go find what was lost. Weight release is the way to go! Talk soon!

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