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“I’ve worked with Robin on a number of personal growth goals and have found her to be knowledgeable, professional, and a talented hypnotherapist. Because of that, I enjoy working with her. I’ve seen very positive and fast results based on her work. I’m happy to recommend Robin’s hypnotherapy services without hesitation.” -J.Z. Zoom Client, KS-
“Robin was not only great at helping me to work through some problems I was facing with self-confidence and my new business, but she is also so inspiring.  She knows so much about the mind and all of the emotional struggles that come up and how to deal with them.  She’s comforting, caring and really willing to help in whatever way she can that helped me get the result I wanted. I enjoyed working with her and she really knows her stuff.” –P.M–California, Zoom Client
I saw Robin, for pain in my ribs as I waited to go in for xray results the next day. To find out I had suffered couple fractured ribs which made it painful to even breath. I truly didn’t think I was hypnotized until I noticed I could control my level of pain by moving my index finger. I am glad she was there to help. -SD client-
Daily migraines took a lot from me socially, hobbies, work and more. With the help I received I am able to lead a better life without the typical migraine medical interventions I was doing. I am glad I sought help from Robin and became migraine free. -Online Zoom Client-