Check back often as I am working on recordings for you purchase as a general session. These recordings will help you achieve what you’re looking for. Of Course it’s always better to have custom made sessions just for you from your personal appointment made with me.

Hypnotherapy 3 session Package

This appointment is for anyone seeking results from losing weight to dealing with life issues such as anger, relationships, sleep, etc. This 3 session package can include the 1st consult (valued at $159) and 2 more sessions (valued at $129 each) for a total of $357 for 3 life changing sessions! ~Talk about what results you want and how we can use hypnosis obtain them ~Hypnosis (deep relaxation) ~book future sessions *includes voice recording sent via email of hypnosis portion of session* *once paid I will contact you to set up appointment times as sessions are still held remotely*



Smoking Cessation

After these 3 hours you will no longer be a smoker. Be prepared to know that this major life change to becoming smoke free is the best yet to come in your new identification as a non-smoker. Imagine how much more money you will have, the overall better health, and no pills, tricks, etc to "try" to quit. Within this 3 hrs you also get a copy of your hypnosis session to reinforce your success as a former smoker. You are worth it!