I offer session packages as you may have noticed and my hourly rate decreases with more sessions bought. Each session is different than the last one for reaching your goals. The best part about changing your mindset using the various tools I use is how rapid the changes occur. From your 1st session to goal accomplished you will be a changed person as you will have your dreams met. I start every package at 5 sessions with the 1st one being 90 minutes. This is for optiminal benefit for you as the 1st 3 sessions are designed to teach you stress reduction by accessing a deep relaxation state of hypnosis. I am teaching you self hypnosis, and customizing a plan for your success in reaching your dreams. In helping you every session does involve the state of awake/sleep (hypnosis) unless you are planning on having emotional freedom technqiue (eft) or neuro lingustic programming (nlp) done instead of hypnosis. There are no session packages available for Eft, or NLP as either one is strictly my hourly rate. Either route you choose your mindset, and your desires are 100% achievable when doing the work at home along with sessions online. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Please be on time for you appointment while limiting any distractions the best you can. This allows the best session possible for you.

Office: 320-460-0272 voice/Text between 9am-7pm Mon.- Fri.; Please leave a message if I don’t answer. Allow up to 24 hrs for a return call.; Please allow up to 24 hrs for a reply email

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