Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a normal reaction to have to any abnormal event. Anytime trauma occurs a person can feel like: you are losing your mind, not worthy, not capable and for some it does create panic attacks. That’s why getting back that control that was lost is huge. CBT is one method I do use with all my clients I see when it comes to getting back control in your life. CBT stands for Cognative Behavioral Therapy and it works excellent as one of the 3 proven methods that I use to treat PTSD.

I am certified in treating PTSD using hypnosis and the techinques are powerful tools that you gain from your sessions with me. I have a variety of techniques including an Emotional Freedom Technique that does not require any details spoken in order to heal from a traumatic event. In fact during WW2 EFT and hypnosis was widely used prior to anti-depressants to heal soliders and after 1 session of EFT many were able to sleep for the 1st time without any other devices/aids. It is widely known among the medical community emotional pain can cause many other health issues. Your body needs to release negative emotions in order to function properly. Without releasing these negative emotions the body stores them in other places which does cause pain and or other health issues such as fibromaglia. Pain is real and is a signal to the body and brain it wants healing or you to slow down before you get a major sickness or disease.

I know confronting any type of trauma is difficult and you will get through it. When it comes to PTSD I must have a doctor referral signed in order to properly help you as I must work with you and your doctor as a team to ensure you get the best care you deserve. In the event your provider doesn’t okay you to see me there are still plenty of other work arounds to ensure you get the help you desire without working directly on the trauma. Afterall PTSD stops you from living the life you want and does cause relationship issues. PTSD commonly causes: low self value/worth, anger/rage, flashbacks, avoidance of certain places, people or things, and it can damage your way of life. My goal in working with anyone who has PTSD is to go slow. Work on 1 trauma at a time or do a work around of it which builds up your self worth/value, confidence, ability to do things you otherwise were stopped/stuck from doing and more. Find out more how I cam assist you today!

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