Pain Managment/Control


Are you having surgery or are you avoiding it? There are many techniques I can guide you into using to heal your body and conrol the pain to a tolerable level. While you can take pain away 100% in hypnosis, ethically I will not do that. Pain is the body’s way of signaling you there is something that needs to be taken care of right now. Example if you are on fire the brain needs you to stop what you are doing to protect itself. Now if you got burned and dealing with that pain hypnosis can shift that discomfort to a soothing color, sound, and or sensation allowing you to have control over the pain. There is tons of research proving your body can heal naturally if you choose to allow it.

The 1st session is always 2 hrs with me as pain the most complicated out of all health issues to understand, treat and you can feel relief soon as you get your appointment with me to work on breaking free of pain. I will work with you on sleeping habits as it is related to pain issues. Why? If you are not sleeping properly it does affect your overall health. Pain can be severe where it does keep you from sleeping. When I work with anyone who has pain sleep is an issue that is addressed and worked on. Lack of sleep and poor dietary habits does affect your level or pain. This is another reason why pain managment is combine with sleep managment. I want you to be successful in taking back control over the pain you are having.

I obtained my certification in pain managment knowing that pain is real and it’s also complicated. I have had 18 surgeries myself and if I had known what I know now about pain only 6 of them would have needed to be done as 6 of them were related to having children via c-section and 1 being a dnc for my miscarriage. The point is you can use your body’s natural morphine along with various hypnotic pain control techniques to heal faster, no athesthia (if you choose) with little to no side effects for surgeries.

My extensive knowledge in and surround pain managment is key to knowing you are in excellent care with me. I do offer hypnobirthing as well as my last son I did use a pain control dial which allowed me to have a c-section with zero anxiety, zero tears (until my son was born to which that was all happy mama tears). Instead I felt comfort and joy during my spinal tap. Using the hypnotic techniques to handle the long needles into my spine was a blessing. Whatever your case maybe let’s connect and see how I can help assist you in your time of need. No upcoming surgery necessary to schedule a pain managment consult with me. I look forward to assisting you soon!

pain management