Physical Pain


Have you ever stubbed your toe? Have you ever had surgery? Or maybe you are going to be dealing with having your first surgery and you decided not yet. I need one more alternative before some doctor cuts into my body. If you’re like many people out there doing their best to avoid having a surgery I can assure you pain managment is one I have a ton of personal experience in. I understand the ins and outs of many surgeries and the fear that can arise from having any surgery. The truth is no one truly wants another human cutting into them because there are many risks invovled with death being of course of the major risks of any surgery. After having 18 surgeries myself with only 5 of them related to having children I can assure you I have learned a lot when it comes to a minor and major sugery.

I have used quite a few of the pain control techniques on myself after learning hypnosis. I don’t feel iv’s anymore and with my viens being small that roll and hide that is huge. The best part of having me guide you is I am certified in pain managment, and having a therapuetic imagery master background I have over a 100 ways I can help you in any surgical and or physical pain situation. I am currently working towards earning my certification in pre- and post surgery which means faster healing, no athesthia, and little side effects.

This knowledge will be helpful to you if you are looking into hypnobirthing as well. I did use a pain control dial which allowed me to have my last c-section with zero anxiety, zero tears (until my son was born to which that was all happy mama tears), and instead I felt comfort and joy during my spinal tap. I did have to use a spinal tap in my case which still worked using the hypnotic techniques to handle needles into my spine. Whatever your case maybe let’s connect and see how I can help assist you in your time of need. No upcoming surgery necessary to schedule a pain managment consult with me. I look forward to assisting you in your blueprint to success.

pain management