Independent Play Adviser, Robin Stoltman

What does P.O.P stand for? Purpose of Play is our new way to discover your way of life. We all want the best for our loved ones. I started with Discovery Toys in October 2015 and have had a lot in my life going on personally. The great news is with life going on and no sales quota to meet during those times I was able to still be active. I like their products which is why I haven’t quit from the company. Far as things go in my own life at time all ages can use a break from reality at some point. This is important at least for me to release stress from work, life in general and with these products being superior in quality is a huge plus. The multiple layers of learning, and multiple uses for the products is a huge plus to making less toys in the house.

Discovery Toys has been around for 40 plus years now. They have some of top experts in the child development field giving us new ideas in our training to use in our mobile business. There are various ways to use our products. This ensures we help others make the right choices for their little ones or any age when ordering. Giving the person the right products for their skill level and needs is important too. I know it may seem like I have a lot going on within my business, Healing For The Soul, which is why I have the direct sales I am apart of under my umbrella to help others for whatever their goals are.

Great thing is I can help you out with screen addiction not just using hypnosis. See what’s great is if you don’t want a hypnosis session to break a screen addiction I can help in another way. Offering the gift of play using hands on, battery free for most products to bring back fun into your life. I have a lot of top favorites and personal best sellers when I was at various shows selling products. Check out my Discovery Toys website for more details. While you’re looking if you would like to know more feel free to reach out to me on my facebook page: Healing For The Soul. Or look up my Discovery Toys page as well. Either way I have options and you know choices are always helpful when given plenty to choose from.