If you have struggled with infertility know you are not alone as 1 in 8 couples have dealt with this. 1 in 4 women have had a miscarriage. I have dealt with both inferility and miscarriage and I have used hypnosis to conceive in additon to many other techniques I learned. I pass what I have learned onto others as more tools for their own use to help concieve. Did you know hypnosis is 60% effective in achieving pregnancy in 1 study out of many that have been done?

Many people are unware of using hypnosis to treat infertility. In working with people to achieve pregnancy I have many tips that helped me conceive after I was told medically I would never be able to have children. That pushed me only further into my desire to have children and searching for ways to conceive. Here are some of my own personal tips I have used that I am passing onto you:

8 Tips to conception:

1. Stay positive, happy, imaging your beautiful baby

2. Take your temperature upon waking and avoid any major movements in order to use a basal body thermometer correctly.

3. Be sure to chart your temperature every morning for at least 2 full cycles as the 3rd cycle you will see where your fertile days are based off this chart. (The spike going up is the fertitle days.) Your chart will show if you are ovulating and when and after 2 cycles of tracking how you feel during your period and right before/after it will help you to notice the body changes when you do become pregnant. On that chart circle the days you make love and on the days of your period put an “x” on the days you bled even the start/stop spotting too as part of the “x”.

4. Pre-Seed from Walmart/Target is about $20 for tube and it works excellent to help the sperm flow more freely to find your egg.

5. Making love as much as possible prior to your period or during it may help conception. Many women do get pregant during this time frame not just the doctor’s typical 14 day policy.

6. Surround yourself with positive, loving people who love children and or talking with your husband about your baby you will have as working together really helps bring your ability to want to conceive up and include any pets if you have any. Including the pets who are like your kids now always helps as they are apart of the family you are creating. I know all these will help and when making love imaging your baby being formed every time helps along with praying if you haven’t or don’t believe in God either way is ok, long as you imagine your baby coming to you to plant their tiny seed into your womb like beautiful flower ready to grow. Speak loving thoughts into your womb that your baby is here and growing.

7. Enjoy making love and being present as you enjoy your partner’s taste, smells, touch, sight and as you hear taking it all in during the session for full enjoyment allowing your body to fully relax allowing the sperm to find your egg.

8. Hypnosis works on many levels and this article, 12 Facts You Need to Know, gives a quick explaination of using hypnosis to conceive.