Essential Oils

I know you have seen them in the store. The bottle of scents that are considered “essential oils” yet the price is so cheap compared to any other direct sale ones that you can buy. You may have wondered like I did what’s the difference between retail store’s essential oils and the direct sale ones? The differences are huge! I found out first hand after almost losing my precious senior cat that all essential oils are different. The quality is the biggest factor in the choice of what to buy. Does the retailer tell you or help you get ideas of how to use which oil and for what? Nope. Does the retailer allow you to work with someone one on one educating and motivating you as you use the oils? Or answer any questions you may have? Nope.

I found Young Living years ago and I didn’t know much about them. At the time I maybe wasn’t ready to be full chemical free in my house or my life. Since March 2018 I have been slowly working on turning over my life in all areas from my body to the entire house to chemical free as much as possible. I love the effects of less chemicals, the uplift in moods whenever I diffuse the oils. In my family using the oils, the knowledge of how to help various issues combined with hypnosis is amazing. I diffuse Believe, or Frankincense when I am zooming from my home office during hypnosis sessions. It gives me the right amount of focus I need to get where I want to be at. I have so many uses for the oils it’s amazing. I know if you use them you will find yourself in love with the quality, the people you meet, and overall the lifestyle changes. If you want to know more how I can help you along with path to wellness please contact me.

Robin’s Essential Oils

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