Do you ever lay in bed just trying to sleep? Do you rely on medications to sleep? What do you do while you’re laying in bed with all these various thoughts running through your mind? Do these thoughts keep you up? Or make it so you get up to do the task hoping that will allow you to sleep? Or what about pain with legs that move constantly? Or how about falling asleep just to wake a few hours later? If you’re like over 60 million Americans that have sleep issues you may feel trapped in a viscous cycle of medications, sleep doctors, chronic stress, failing relationships, etc all due to lack of sleep.

Did you know that 8 hours of rested sleep everyday can help you keep stress levels down? Or that 1 hypnosis session is equal to 8 hrs of rested deep sleep? That alone is why hypnosis feels absolutely wonderful to have done. Who wouldn’t want to do hypnosis just to re-energize their minds? I get the lack of sleep. After all, I have 3 sons full time with me under 3 years old. I get there isn’t always, “me” time. Or “my sleep” time. Sometimes I have wondered how can I get to sleep with a baby having colic while the other one sleeps. Or the “when will this baby sleep through the night” stage for me to sleep. I get it as a parent and the sleep issues prior to having any children.

What if there was a better way than “hoping” to sleep? What if there was a way to not rely on medications to sleep everyday? What if you could calm your thoughts allowing you to sleep? What if the crawling sensations in the legs ceased allowing your body to just relax and let go? Can you imagine how your life could be? What kind of longevity could you add just being able to sleep? Imagine the side effects from the sleep medication gone. How would that affect your body? How much money would you be saving between the prescription and the doctor follow ups? What if you have the ability to sleep soundly, deeply for 8 hours how would your life be different? What if this healing could happen for you like it has for the millions that turn to hypnosis for a better way of living? What if that person could be you?

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Suggestibility what is that?

From the time we’re conceived to the time we are six years old our learning of the world comes from the primary caregiver. From six years old to nine years old we have our friends, teachers, and others in our environment to help guide us on this learning path. From ages nine to fourteen years old the secondary caretaker begins to influence how we learn even more.

I am going to focus on the basic right now for the conception to six years old group. For example the way I grew up was what my mom said and did were the same thing. When my mom said she had to work that meant she had to work and she left to go to work. This is a direct literal way of understanding which in turn I became physical suggestible. For me I can listen to an online hypnosis app and I maybe able to get some benefits but not as much as seeing a hypnotherapist for my issue. The physical protects their emotions by projecting out in a more physical way.

An example of how some grow up opposite of what I did their caregiver may say one thing and do the opposite. Caregiver may say I am going to work and then not really go to work that same day. The caregiver goes elsewhere or does something opposite of what they were going to do. So their child would see this and look for the hidden meaning of this which creates an emotional suggestibility. The emotional type of person can benefit the most from a hypnotherapist vs an online hypnotic app. The emotional protects their physical body by showing their emotions first.

There is nothing right or wrong about your type of suggestibility. It allows me to better assist you on your journey of self-empowerment. When you have your first session with me I can test your suggestibility to know which tools in my tool box will work best for you. This is another way having a hypnotherapist is much better than finding an online hypnotic source to listen to it. Custom made sessions for you to achieve better results the first time and beyond.

What to expect for your 1st hypnosis session

There is paperwork to fill out that I will send out to you by email. This questionnaire allows me to know if I am able to help you based on many things asked. The more you answer with honesty the better. The sooner I get it back the better so I can score the questions and get a chance to read about you a little bit ahead of time. This helps me know which tools to use during our session.

Have zoom (video conferencing service downloaded) or skype downloaded. Either one of these services allow us to see each other face to face as if I am there in the room with you. Which this helps me with some tests I need to do where I can see you.

Next we talk about the paperwork you filled out. Answer any questions you may still have. Talk about your goals, what you would like to see improve and how motivated you are to make this work for you. Talk about hypnosis what it is and isn’t. Answer anymore questions you may have about the hypnosis process.

The next step that is only for the 1st session I will need to test your suggestibility. Which to do this I need to see you, be by a table or a chair with an arm rest. I will ask you some questions and the test is not a pass or fail. There is no way to fail a suggestibility test. It’s easy, painless, and helps me know which tools in my tool box to use for your session.

After all the above is complete we move onto making sure of your goals again and the reasons for them. This is to help you succeed. Once that is done I hypnotize you to get the positive suggestions directly into your subconscious. This bypasses the critical mind and the conscious mind that stops you from living the life you know you deserve.

From this point I do a little bit of suggestions to help make it easier to get back into the state of hypnosis for the next session. This will allow more time to work on your goals during future sessions.

The last step is to come back out of the hypnosis. Take time to think, ask any questions, let me know how you felt and when you would like to schedule the next session. Keep in mind with hypnosis it’s not a life long need to keep coming to see me. It does take less time than traditional therapy to be treated for any issues you are seeking help for. Which does save you money long term in so many ways. We then end the zoom or Skype session.

What does a hypnosis session feel like?

It feels like a very deep sense of calmness and or relaxation. There are changes that occur in your body nightly to allow you to sleep. With a guided hypnosis session the same or similar changes take place. You may feel your heart rate slows down, your breathing is better (due to taking in more oxygen from the abdomen versus the taught breathing with shoulders going up), tingling sensations in your limbs, dry mouth, dry lips, and overall feeling very calm or relaxed while still hearing the sounds around you during a session. What you may feel the 1st time may not happen the next time. The more you have a guided session the easier it is to go back to the state of hypnosis quicker, faster and deeper. Which this helps get more accomplished in the sessions. It truly feels a amazing to have a session done that is tailored to you versus online where it’s for anyone and some suggestions work and some may not. Also you are in charge of what you want the positive suggestions to be. This all helps make the hypnosis session more comfortable.


Fears, phobias, habits and more can break or make us in life on any given day. How we choose to react to any situation can build up ourselves and others or tear us down. Frusteration, anger and many more powerful emotions we can choose to have or not in reguards to various situations. Now you maybe wondering how in the world can I hold any emotion like anger back when someone cuts me off in traffic or when someone cuts ahead of me while in the store with shopping cart full of items when I had hardly anything to buy? I know you felt the sudden rise in your chest the surge of frusteration kicking in the fight or flight response which anxiety is part of. I know you have been there when you’re hurrying because your late to get somewhere like NOW and yet it seems the world is against you only on the day you are late too. Well ok, running only a few mintues behind. Yet, you maybe afraid what happens if you’re late again at your appointment or to work because well, last time you were told miss this time and yeah you can pretty much kiss whatever it is you wanted gone. Am I right?

We all have been there. Trust me. It’s not just you who has been late frequently or making excuses for the 10th time as to why your late. Yet you manage to still make it somehow every single time to be able to still get by. Just enough until one day it no longer works. The excuses are found out. The world you had suddenly came crashing down as you were fired for being late too many times. Now the anger, frusteration and perhaps even the anxiety sets in from losing whatever it was you knew you need on the conscious level yet deep inside you feel this tug of war going on internally. This internal pull of why isn’t anything I do working for me. Why can’t I seem to get what every one else seems to have more of than I do? Why me? We all have the same 24 hrs in 1 day. The same 60 min in 1 hr we all have and we can choose to invest in ourselves to ensure we make better changes for ourselves that in a way ripple effect to those around us. Being on time is one of those small changes that can affect our mood, overall lifestyle with relationships we have internally and externally. Make today a great day by scheduling your appointment now.