I founded, Healing For The Soul, out of my brokenness in all areas of life. I have been through more traumas than most experience in one lifetime. This gave me the empathy, experience and authenticity in helping others. Which led me to hypnotherapy at the exact time in my life God put it in. I give my life, my practice all to Him for saving me when He knew I needed help. My wonderful husband, Jeffrey kept challenging me to keep going. Times I wanted to give up, just go back to self-pity and stay on disability he pushed me harder. I owe this business in full to God for the blessings and the lessons learned along the way.

My Values:

  • Using my God given talents in hypnotherapy to help others achieve success they desire.
  • Giving God the glory for allowing me to help others by following His plans not mine in all areas of my life, not just business.
  • Keeping all information about clients confidential unless a situation arises where I am legally unable to do so.
  • Not to force my beliefs onto others as I hate when others force their beliefs upon me.
  • Raise awareness how each one of us controls our own paths in life with or without God.
  • Always Stay within my scope of practice and refer clients out when needed.
  • Lead others by setting an example of how powerful hypnotherapy truly is.
  • Empower Clients increasing their value, hearing their wants and needs to improve their lives using hypnotherapy.
  • Always treating others, the exact way, I want to be treated no matter how small (child) or big (adult) the person is.
  • Providing unbiased education for my clients allowing them to make the best decision for themselves.

Feel free to contact me on Facebook at: Healing For The Soul

All sessions are done using a private, video conferencing service, Zoom. Which appointments can be made here: https://healingforthesoul.as.me/