What’s special about the mindset coaching I do is I use many various techniques within my practice to guide people into healing ranging from:

  • stress-less parenting (yes, even children with special needs)
  • emotional freedom technique (tapping)
  • hypnotherapy
  • nuero-lingustic programming (NLP)
  • and more

Be sure to view my specialities page for more areas I can help you with that you may not have thought about beyond smoking cessation and weight loss. Can you imagine how good it would feel, sound and or look like to have your goals finally achieved? What have you desired in your life that you currently don’t have and would like? Let’s make that happen now.

With every session booked you get your own custom copy of the hypnotic part of your session to help reinforce your goals at a later time if you wish. I look forward to meeting with you soon as I book up fast and I highly recommend getting your appointment now.