Many things in life hold us back from living our life the way we want to. In fact the most powerful first step towards getting help is to ask for it. As our mindset is the biggest factor in fact up to 95% for anything in life that will or won’t happen. Worrying, negative thoughts, bad stress, the average of five people we are around the most all affects us as adults as we keep old programs from childhood running unless we choose to reach out for help to change it. Most people the seeking help is when it feels like it’s too late. Something is ready to bust inside of us with tension, constant anger, yelling, hurting others or ourselves before we decide to get help.

I have been there many times myself for feeling like I was in a black hole waiting for someone to throw me the right length of rope so I could climb out. I kept going even on days I truly could not see a way out. I never turned to drugs or alcohol at any point. Doesn’t mean the thought had not crossed my mind to numb the emotional pain I was experiencing. Yet, something deep inside my soul kept me going to seek out better for myself. When I had my third living son in year 3 of having children I found my way out after the trauma mn child protection caused to my first living son and my family. It was the first time I was able to relax.

See I was brought up where tv was for lazy people who nothing better to do with their time than sit. Little did I know those who sit in front of screens were also being programmed by what they heard and saw the entire time. Needless to say it’s a good thing I was drawn towards health related channels whenever I did watch tv.

This experience of relaxation I got I was skeptical because I hadn’t felt hypnotized meaning things got louder yet all over I was too relaxed to even care. The way my body felt was a miracle zero pain while I was in hypnosis. That was huge at that time considering I had PTSD, fibromyalgia, one support in my life and one toddler and two week old baby I just had via my third C-section in my care that first time of feeling this good. I can tell you that was the start of my journey towards making it a goal to help as many people as possible get this deep relaxation while healing to change their lives. I only had to take the first step which was to seek the help by asking where I could learn more to help others. Which is why I am again asking for help while I am still focusing on getting my message out there. Anything does help and I thank you in advance.- Healing For The Soul

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