Attract (and Keep) Love Vision Board Style:

How to Effectively Use a Vision Board

  • Making a vision board is simple. Glue sticks, magazines, scissors and poster boards are required to cut out pictures of anything positive as it relates to love and relationships you would like to attract into your life.
  • Once your vision board is made, every day upon waking, spend 5 minutes envisioning everything on your board while deep breathing from the abdomen that everything on it has already happened. This helps tell your brain you already have met these goals resulting in the brain actively seeking out these goals throughout your day. 
  • Remember that your goals won’t work if you don’t! You must actively put in effort towards your goal. For example, to improve your communication skills, pick up a book or to build up your professional skills, try taking a course.
  • Before you go to bed, take time to do the Magic 30 while viewing your vision board. This helps suggest to the mind to seek more of your vision board desires during the day. Dreams prepare the brain for the next day’s activities in Stage 2 of dreaming so take 30 minutes to write down your top two goal affirmations. But remember, these must be stated positively for them to work! 

Why a Vision Board Works When Attracting Love

  • When you constantly see something, like the words, “romantic spouse” on your vision board, your brain will put more focus and effort on obtaining that desired outcome by showing you more times your spouse is romantic and how you can add to it as well.
  • Shockingly, your brain has no concept of reality vs. fantasy. Telling yourself your spouse is doing the best they can to be romantic makes your mind believe it and you will seek out the times your spouse is romantic. 
  • Use gratitude to increase your quality of life. It is harder to be unhappy when you are experiencing the feeling of being grateful. Find little things you’re grateful for in your partner and watch how that transforms the mood of your overall relationship.

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