Infertility 65%

Picture in your mind being a beautiful woman like you are eager to have children. You and your spouse have been trying for more than one year to conceive. You go to the doctor to find out why nothing is working to become pregnant. The doctor offers testing that you do in addition some ways to check whether or not you are ovulating. You go home ready to see if this basal body temperature charting will actually work to help conceive the baby you have been waiting for. Two months go by of charting your temperatures and you go back into the doctor for more advice and testing. Six additional months pass after testing shows you have poly cystic ovarian syndrome from having a history of only one small cyst yet many other women are still having babies. You cry, scream and inside feel like there is something wrong with you because you want a baby and you can’t. Your husband and you decided after both being checked that you want to use IVF or start looking into adoption to have your family.

You start to imagine this beautiful baby coming into your life. Your womb producing a baby as beautiful as a rose whether a boy or girl. It does not matter to you as having a healthy baby is all that matters at this point. You use fertility drugs and that only helped prove your eggs still can’t ovulate as needed or mature as needed during one of your testing for answers. Your husband checks out good. The doctors tell you lose weight that will help to become pregnant. Mean while you hear these words from the doctor while working hard on imaging this beautiful baby you strongly desire. Every period you keep hoping you don’t get in order to finally be pregnant. This inferility has sucked the hope, the joy, this heartbreaking experience brings you to your knees as you cry knowing your sister can have children and yet you can’t.

You keep working on not giving up hope. You research online for ways to become pregnant beyond charting temperatures. You find Pre-Seed as a fertility aid to help the sperm swim faster to meet your egg. You also notice your temperatures are not at fourteen days for ovulation like the doctor said. You notice it’s sooner on day eight you ovulate. Making love before your period and sometimes during still in hopes of becoming pregnant to welcome this beautiful baby. Realizing the enjoyment of love making turns into at times just a way to have baby as you forget the enjoyment part of it all. The people you are around some want children and many do not. You decide to change who you are around to those who have them already or want them.

Not giving up five years pass including seeing if any IUD or birth control pills would help as the doctor says sometimes that can help women get pregnant after the use stops. Well in that five years nothing. Absolutely nothing from testing, birth control methods, fertility drugs nothing came of any of it. Out of anger, bitterness crying yourself to sleep wondering if your husband will leave in order to have a baby with someone else or stay with you and keep trying. Then one day you notice a hypnotherapist who dealt with infertility similar to you blogs about the struggle. She put a facebook live about it even. This hypnotherapist realizes how she hypnotized herself into becoming pregnant and successfully helped another person dealing with infertility become pregnant and yet you decided to reach out. The sixty-five percent of women who used hypnotherapy do become pregnant and some do need other medical interventions in the mean time while using hypnosis.

Deciding to try it you do for this one last hope, chance, gift of having a baby in your life. The first time success is coming and during that time you realized the times you were on automatic behaviors that kept you from conceiving that you did not know about. You learned the various ways hypnotherapy can help fertility in fact as time goes you discover you are stronger, braver than you even realized. One day you get a positive pregnancy test after using mindful lovemaking techniques that brought back the enjoyment to your love life. You became part of the sixty five percent that conceived using hypnotherapy to become pregnant. If you want to learn more about how I can help you become part of the 65% reach out to me today. I dealt with infertility for over 5 years and it is painful along with heartbreaking. I have been down that deep hole of when do I get to have a baby. You do not have to suffer.

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