Hypnotic Session Questions

How many appointments do I need to have?

I require a bare minimum of 3 appointments prepaid in order to work with me. The reason for 3 appointments is we are unique so the total amount required varies from person to person. It took years to develop the issue you are coming in for and while it takes less time to overcome it the amount of appointments required still varies. You will start to notice changes taking place after the 3 weekly sessions.

How long are the appointments?

The 1st appointment is 90 minutes to go over paperwork, get to know each other more for what you want to accomplish and do relaxation, with some suggestions you would like. There is some testing as well for the 1st session for me to check your hypnotic depths and see how you learn. The remaining appointments are 60 min each as long as we have not gone more than 6 months from last appointment. After 6 months of not seeing each other I may need to do another shorter version of the 1st appointment but not 90 minutes again.

Will I remember anything about a session?

You are still alert, and still conscious meaning you can hear everything. In fact many people remember the entire session as you are never asleep. The hypnotic trance does resemble sleep but you are actually in the optimal state for learning, receiving new information to make changes directly to your automatic behaviors located in the subconscious (unconscious mind).

How do payments work?

Payments are made via PayPal, square, Venmo and I take your card info over the phone in order to book your appointment with me. I do not put any appointments down unless I receive payment 1st. The 15 minute Blueprint to Success consult is the only free appointment as that is strictly to know if we want to work together and to book your 1st appointment with me. After your 1st appointment we can book subsequent ones weekly unless you prefer to book all your prepaid appointments ahead of time.

What if I want a refund or the hypnosis doesn’t work?

I do not offer refunds as the 15 min blue print to success is the consult that allows both of us to know if we can work together or not. Hypnotherapy does work and it is a team effort of us working together. You do the work I give you to do to help you meet your goal while at home between appointments. In appointments I work with your 88% of automatic behaviors using hypnotherapy and various techniques to help you accomplish goals you set. It’s same concept as your doctor saying you need to lose weight and they give you tools and if you choose to not use them that’s on you not on me. This is why I do not offer refunds. I am very clear on what needs to be done in order to help you as I am going to keep my success rate at 100%.

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