Worth it?

How many times do you wish you had done something different in your life? How many times do you wish you could go back and change 1 small part as maybe it would have taken you down a different journey? How many times have you believed you were not worth it? How many times have you stopped and thought if only I had more money I could do more in life? How many times do you hold yourself accountable for the changes you could have done instead of blame someone else? The reality is all of us have questioned our motives. All of us have blamed someone else for our issues. All of us have wanted to go back and undo something. All of us are human.

Time and time again the more I have stopped, thought about my own stuff the more I have thought if only I had known the power of my words. The power of my words that gave myself continued low self worth, low self esteem and more. Our words are extermely powerful speaking into existance whatever we say not always at that moment as sometimes it is later it affects us. Our worth, our choices our reality we have brought into existence for the most part. The stuff that happend outside of our control is not something we did in the case of trauma as no one asks for trauma to happen. I am talking about investing in yourself you have a choice to stay in the reality of the world you live in or you can choose to have more. You can choose to have the cars, the house, the relationships you want and more all by changing your thoughts that are linked to your emotions.

How many times have you wanted more and stop yourself as the doubt sets in? How many times do you secretly wish you had more money? How about better relationship? How can you change it? Investing in yourself. Investing in having a mindset shift. Investing in myself was the best decision I have ever made as it has continued to reflect out onto others personally, professionally and more. Know that this life you can change at any given point and yes it takes time. It does take energy and long story short it’s not years of therapy and still messed up. It’s less than that to have the life you desire when you are ready to make that change to step into greatness that lies inside of you.

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