Daily Lives

You may have noticed on my Facebook page that my daily 12:30 pm central time lives have a different theme for each day. This gives value for a variety of people who view my page. There is many ways I can help others beyond hypnotherapy. Increasing sales through use of strategies, negotiations by being able to pick up cues from others when talking to meet their needs using the language they speak. Example: If a person is visual talking with an auditory person:

“I see what you mean that may increase sales having the knowledge of using sensory acuity. However, it’s not clear to me as to why that would help our company.” -Visual person

“What can I do to help your team? I have presented the materials they listened to in the meeting today. Increasing sales would increase a company’s overall production and if you are listening to me you can hear I am doing my best to explain the process.” – auditory person

While both examples of what is being said in conversation may seem the same the comprehension of both types of people is different. One is visual needing to see how using sensory acuity can help grow a business and may need a chart to visually see how it will help the company before agreeing to the sale.

The auditory person is more interested in how it sounds to obtain the sale and maybe would not provide a visual chart. Having the skills I have learned can help businesses blossom and improve the customer service experience. Imagine what it can do for relationships of all types to speak the other person’s language. Be sure to contact me today.

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