Lacatation & Bonding

Whether your 1st child or not this recording is a great way to increase milk supply and the bonding that goes with having a baby. Sometimes doctors, family, and or friends say you are not producing enough milk for you baby. Reality is you are giving your baby exactly what they need. After baby there are growth spurts as early as 2 weeks of age that can seem like you don’t have enough milk. Reality is your body is working on making more for your growing child.  I have been there done that myself and stayed strong in breastfeeding. Remember the weight, growth chart at the doctor’s office are for formula fed only babies. It is impossible to gauge a steady weight and growth for breastfed babies. As long as your child is growing, happy and healthy that is all that matters. Enjoy this epsiode as you increase your milk and bond with your beautiful baby. Make sure to visit my website for more details on how I can help you.

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