3-11-2020 Federal mn Court case with Stop CPS

While I am a business woman helping others achieve their dreams in thier lives, I am a mom first. This court case available to the public needs to be heard as the MN state attorney pleads in front of the 8th Judicial Cricut for immunity to continue allowing the legal kidnapping of children without any proof being needed. I am a survior of mn cps with my 1st born stolen at 4 days old and zero proof and without any court order. Many have cases similar and our voices and our rights as parents need to be heard. Upon listening to this if you want more details please visit the Family Preservation Foundation. If you are a survior as well know that you are not alone and you do have a voice that needs to be heard as well. Together we are stronger as our foundation continues to grow in numbers that demand justice for all. There is zero need for immunity as no one needs to be above the law. It was from my own personal hell that douglas county in mn did to my son, my family that got me where I am now. Teaching others how to defy thier world, thrive and become the strong person they are inside. Focus on the positivies in life and above all do your part by sharing my podcast/youtube videos to encourage others as you never know who may need to hear these message. Thank you for your time.

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