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How many times do you think I need to quit smoking/vaping before I cough up a lung? Or how many times have you “quit” just to start again when the next stressful event occurs? Or did you have a family member die due to lung cancer? Perhaps even dying from empasema? Whatever the case maybe for you there are plenty of reasons why now is the best time to quit. With me guiding you in our 1st 3 hour session together you will no longer crave a cigarette, or other smoking related items. The next possible 2 sessions which depends on each person if it’s 1 session or more is needed will not only reinforce you to cease the addiction as I will be helping you to learn effective ways to handle stress without the need to cause further harm that tabacco causes. I recently lost a loved one who quit 5 yrs too late and had only started smoking at age 26. She died at not even 70yrs after being diagnosed with stage 4 COPD and quit 5 yrs prior to her dianosis.
What will it take for you to quit? A heart attack that leaves family without a way to not only pay funeral costs but also mourn your death? Or what about taking control over your life kicking the habit of tabacco altogether to improve your health now? What would you gain from being a former smoker? What type of vehicles, living environments, etc could you have simply from investing in yourself to finally quit smoking for good? My goal isn’t to upset you as I am stating the reality of you can control tabacco as I believe in you to acheive the ability to stop now before it’s too late. This sale ends soon and I know you will take advantage of it and quit today. Schedule your 30 min consult if you are unsure how I can help. I am happy to answer any fears you may have surrounding hypnosis. 
It can be hard to quit knowing medications do have side effects which may prevent you from seeking help. Your mind is powerful and you can do anything you set your mind to. Your conscious 12% (logic, reasoning, willpower), knows you want to change however, unless you have my skills to guide you the 88% unconsious will win everytime over any mindset you have. Want to learn how you can use 100% of your mind’s total power? Schedule today!
Now is the best time to use your tax refund for Better Health, Save Money, and overall take back control of your life. Smoking Cessation or Vaping Cessation
to save $800 off the cost and this deal is limited time only special.

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