Lies I told myself pt 1

If I could take back time I would go to 16 yrs old where I prayed to stay alive for my mom, sister and future husband and kids before my head smashed to the payment with my bicycle helmet protecting me from death I would. Many times I have lied to myself repeatedly over the years the medical side of how the doctors treated me I wish I would have died. The truth is between the doctors I have had that were not great to me, with mn cps in Alexandria, MN were towards me and family of course in the adult years of my life those people projected their beliefs of their life scripts they grew up and experienced in life onto me. I know this now with my superior education I have received in hypnosis. The lies I told myself are just as bad as the lies I never told myself that were in the positive to believe. What?? Our unconscious (subconscious) mind has zero concept of facts, or reality. It believes whatever we were programmed as a child we saw, felt, heard, seen, smelled around us that carries into our adult life. Why didn’t I program myself to believe I am worthy? Why didn’t I lie and say I am a millionaire as we are what we believe and same is for eating is true facts. Look around you this is the life your 88% of the subconscious life script set by decisions you made as a child. We all do this unknowingly at the age of Santa is real. I will go back to my statement of the going back to the time of 16 yrs old when I prayed to stay alive for the people I listed. Reality at the time I thought was I needed to stay alive for them. As an adult with time moving forward my future kids I do have are all what I am thankful to God everyday I am here for. That’s not to say I don’t love the others. It’s realizing that the lie I wish I never lived after my accident is the lie I held onto for years and still have. I haven’t lived the way I wanted to for myself and for others. I may have you truly puzzled now considering most of my blogs have been about myself and this one is the same. My overall point I am getting to is this: “start living now, believing in yourself now and let go of the past to move forward being thankful you can change your future.” I describe myself at times as a “beautiful mess” and I have high expectations for myself because I refuse to let my past control my future. The lies I have told myself of not being “enough” are over. The lies of “how can I help others when I am a mess” are over. The truth is I can make or break myself in spirit, in health issues, in way I care for myself and reality is I do care about myself. I do care about those I help as I continue to put my successes that were meant to break me out there to inspire others to move forward towards healing. You can change your life from where you are now to the life you desire at any point. It’s all in your mindset. Thank you for reading and enjoy knowing you can overcome the negative easily with the right mindset tools provided in your sessions with me.

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