Checking in here wondering where you are at in meeting your goals you set this year? Maybe you decided one of the New Year’s goal you set is to lose weight or quit vaping. Then if you’re like me that diet with no sweets worked for about 1 day. Ok. Maybe 3 days before you decided enough is enough you want the chocolate because well you hate depriving yourself of sweets. The failure feeling set in the moment you bit into that doughtnut or something else which maybe you decided that’s it. I can’t do this diet anymore. The beat ourselves up feeling happens to all of us. We all are own worst critic. Focusing on the positives such as you ate 1 doughnut and the rest of the day the food you ate was healthy. Focus on the fact you did great for the time you did your diet and you can still continue it. Maybe you just want to add a little extra help to get you where you want to go.

Whatever your challenge may have been or still is know there is always help. There is always a resource to get you where you want to go in life to achieve your dreams. I was setting goals myself to blog daily for this year that changed to when I can and where I find the time to blog. Given the client increase I have with start of new decade imagine how many lives I am empowering to keep up the motivation and strengthen it for years to come. This lifestyle change whatever your desired results are is working and does take time. At any moment you can change where you are including adding motivation to keep going. After all I do 2 to 3 minute motivators that lead to longer 20 minute motivations with changing habits to enhance our lives. Schedule your appointment today to get started making this decade the best one yet to come!

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