Fears, phobias, habits and more can break or make us in life on any given day. How we choose to react to any situation can build up ourselves and others or tear us down. Frusteration, anger and many more powerful emotions we can choose to have or not in reguards to various situations. Now you maybe wondering how in the world can I hold any emotion like anger back when someone cuts me off in traffic or when someone cuts ahead of me while in the store with shopping cart full of items when I had hardly anything to buy? I know you felt the sudden rise in your chest the surge of frusteration kicking in the fight or flight response which anxiety is part of. I know you have been there when you’re hurrying because your late to get somewhere like NOW and yet it seems the world is against you only on the day you are late too. Well ok, running only a few mintues behind. Yet, you maybe afraid what happens if you’re late again at your appointment or to work because well, last time you were told miss this time and yeah you can pretty much kiss whatever it is you wanted gone. Am I right?

We all have been there. Trust me. It’s not just you who has been late frequently or making excuses for the 10th time as to why your late. Yet you manage to still make it somehow every single time to be able to still get by. Just enough until one day it no longer works. The excuses are found out. The world you had suddenly came crashing down as you were fired for being late too many times. Now the anger, frusteration and perhaps even the anxiety sets in from losing whatever it was you knew you need on the conscious level yet deep inside you feel this tug of war going on internally. This internal pull of why isn’t anything I do working for me. Why can’t I seem to get what every one else seems to have more of than I do? Why me? We all have the same 24 hrs in 1 day. The same 60 min in 1 hr we all have and we can choose to invest in ourselves to ensure we make better changes for ourselves that in a way ripple effect to those around us. Being on time is one of those small changes that can affect our mood, overall lifestyle with relationships we have internally and externally. Make today a great day by scheduling your appointment now.

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