Fear or Phobia?

Did you know all of us are born with only two fears? The fear of falling and loud noises while all other fears, phobias are learned by association or identification. Do you know the difference between a fear or phobia? Many have came to me with a phobia that truly is a fear. Let’s explore the differences:


  • Known origin of why fear exists
  • Most established in childhood
  • Logical “threat” since the origin is known
  • common fears include: loss, rejection, success, failure, pain and many more


  • No known origin of why have issue
  • Develops later in life around late teens to early adulthood
  • Usually associated with low blood sugar which can cause anxiety responses

The great news is now that you know the differences between the two you can move towards setting up your appointment with me to rid your mind of whatever one is bothersome. Having fears and or phobias are normal like I said we are born with fear of falling and loud noises. I have struggled off and on with my own fears and used hypnosis to help me overcome them. I do find joy in helping others return to normal life when I have treated them for a fear or phobia. It’s amazing how some may not even drive due to the anxiety surrounding fear. It’s not to say it’s not logical given there are accidents that do occur. I am saying that getting help can open up your world you are currently in to a better more fulfilled one. Imagine what life could be like not living in fear of “what if’s”…


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