2020 New You

Happy new year with a great time of setting new or old goals that you want to achieve. For most it’s losing weight or accomplishing something more than the previous year to start it off better. I personally gave up on new years resolutions a few years ago. After I started having children I realized that some days just making sure I could meet my goals by the end of the month I was grateful. It’s hard to believe I have actually been working a whole year as a hypnotherapist in addition to being a mom. It’s definitely had it’s days of challenges along this road. This year I am proud that whatever I do decide to set I will make it happen. The gift of hypnotherapy is powerful to change the mindset I need to succeed at whatever task it is I want to accomplish. I use the mental bank along with the Law of Attraction knowing how to use both in hypnosis to release any fears that maybe holding me back. My number goal for 2020 is to enjoy life to it’s fullest always looking at the bright side of things. Enjoying consistency I will achieve bringing me ultimately whatever reality I want to me in sight.

In 2019 I accomplished:

  • Graduating from Hypnosis Motivation Institute online Hypnotherapy Diploma program in April instead of end of July
  • Many certifications (which I keep updated on here as well as my Facebook page)
  • Joining Watertown, SD Chamber of Commerce
  • Joining Toastmasters International in Brookings, SD
  • Going back to work exactly 7 days after having a c-section for my now 4th child to help others with hypnosis consistently moving my business forward
  • Completing my 200 hrs of supervised practical hypnotherapy sessions
  • Creating a success list that I use daily 1 for home & 1 for business that I have used for last 6 months
  • Visiting Colorado while 8 months pregnant and yes I drove the entire 16 hrs round trip with my husband and our 2 other sons
  • Becoming an Add-Heart Facilitator
  • Partnering with a few local businesses allowing me to have my info in there stores

When I think back on 2019 all the work I did with all the hours combined of experience with clients, the education alone I focus on the positives as to what lies ahead for me this year. I know this year will be full of more amazing adventures. In 2020 I am looking forward to many new clients I will be working with as I help them make this year successful from the start. Whatever your goals are this year know you can achieve it. If you would like some help feel free to contact me.

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