Change is possible

I am reposting below for those who come view my profile on facebook. Why? I am honest, upfront person and I am transparent on what I do where my “why hypnotherapy” started from. Our whys in life keep us going. There truly is no reason why you can’t have what you want beyond our self limiting beliefs we are taught to have as a child. I have dealt with many self-limiting beliefs aka excuses and still dish them very well to myself daily. I have yet to see how I inspire others with my story. That is a self limiting belief that I haven’t inspired anyone. Same for my usual one: “I can’t do this anymore or it’s too hard.” Yeah my famous ones I turn around to say, “who is stopping me?” Truth is I stop me. Read below if you wish to know that change is possible if you believe it to be true.

I just want to put this out there as yes, I do own a healing business. I am a mom 1st and foremost and when you see my posts about mn cps being vile please know I am advocating for myself and others who have been damaged severely by mn cps. I can only speak on my case in mn as I do know the entire truth in my case is 1000% fraud to which my son I was forced to adopt out should’ve never happened. I have every right to be angry as any mother would be. I have every right to advocate for what happened to my family. I have every right to speak out and up against cps, foster care, etc as it relates solely to mn where my case was at. I do have recorded audio when my case was open. I have healed to the best I can given my situation and I continue to rise above what Satan meant to destroy me with. I am living proof of what we have control over when it comes to our circumstances that traumas, or other situations come at us. It took me time to get where I am now (4 1/2 yrs as of yet) (son stolen July 16, 2015 at 11:43am). It never happened overnight to get where I am now. I am choosing to forgive those who meant to kill me with stealing my son in order for me to move on while I fight. This in itself is healing. This healing I have gotten along with all what I have done at HMI along with continued courses have all improved myself. I have spent well over $10k into my business of investing in me. At the end of all this if I never empower another person with my skills I learned like I told my husband, “If I never use any of my skills to help others and we “wasted” money on me for a business that didn’t succeed, if all I became is a better mother, and wife then I got EXACTLY what I needed after what mn cps did to me. I became a better person.” Investing in myself was the smartest decision I ever made and no amount of money was wasted on making me the person God wants me to be. I give God all what I have and all that I am. No one will ever take away my love for God or my soul. You can change only if you choose to. No one can make you do something you don’t want to do.

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