Successful people

Think of a wealthy person. Any wealthy and or famous person will work whether they are a celebrity or motivational speaker for this exercise. As you think of them using all 5 senses…smell, taste, touch, seeing and hearing this person. Imagine or visualize what they do or have done to achieve success in their life to get to where they are now. Where are their minds focused on to become wealthy and or famous? What did they do to become wealthy and or famous? Who did they surround themselves with? Did they hire a mentor, coach disguised as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist? Or perhaps you have no clue what success means to you. I sure didn’t to start with beyond having over $40,000 a year. Which to me that is a lot of money. Sure we can all use more of it to pay bills, and to live while saving what we can prior to retirement. I am below poverty currently and I still view myself as successful. Why?

I knew as a child I wanted various things I would have. I wanted to be a mom of 11 kids and be married to my soulmate. Well, as of yet I have 6 children with 1 set of identical twins in Heaven, 1 son stolen by mn cps I was forced to adopt out, 3 sons with me full time and I am married to my soul mate who is the father for all our children. In my mind I am successful already. Yet, I keep doing more and desiring more for my kids to see disabled is a mindset I no longer want to deal with. I am wanting to grow business, empower others and much more to life.

The only difference from me to you reading this is I decided to invest in myself the way I have (not saying you haven’t). I learned a trade to which I do more than hypnotherapy. I help create change others already desire. They are like me following that desire for more. Why can’t I be a famous singer? Who is stopping me? Money? Family? Lack of support or other lack? It all boils down to me choosing to stop myself from achieving my goals. I know this as I still struggle daily feeling the resistance to change outside and inside my body. I surround myself with positive people, places and or things that I read or in talking with others that lift my spirit. I focus my mind long term my goals while in hypnosis. I chose to keep going 1 week after having a c-section this year while welcoming baby #4 (3rd full time). Still putting my energy into my son for breastfeeding him and caring for our other 2 when my husband is working. I spend a lot of my time investing my time into me which helps the clients I have. This investment has helped my children, my relationships and myself. I would like you to invest in yourself as well given its a new year upon us. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? You could stay where you are now or you can propel your life forward to get your desires met faster. Remember it does take time to learn to run as you have to learn to crawl 1st. Enjoy this new year with saving 15% off all packages using the code: newyear2020

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