Holiday Blues?

If your like some people you have more stress around the holidays than normal and for some it’s family and relative related. For others it’s losses or not having that special someone with them this time of year for maybe the first time. Whatever the case maybe for you there are a few things you can do just for you. Beyond walking more or getting things ready for Christmas how about taking time to have the deepest relaxation you will ever feel with hypnosis? Taking time out of your busy day to learn some stress relieving techniques can be beneficial all year and more importantly during the most stressful times. I have a few tips beyond the “normal” ones most of us know.

Tip #1: Deep breath from your abdomen not your chest when you do breath. This is important to ensure proper airflow throughout your entire body and it helps you be calm and relaxed.

Tip #2: No, is powerful to say when you do get overwhelmed and or need to take time for you. Don’t feel guilty about saying, “no”, when it’s for your health to keep stress levels down. I am sure you have told quite a few network marketers no and right now take time for you too.

Tip #3: Even spending five minutes alone to imagine or visualize a special place or perhaps even picturing a beautiful sunset is one way to help calm nerves, and does let you choose where you want to escape for a few minutes from all the hustle. I know I like to imagine my “happy place” when I do get 5 minutes alone and I use it to deep breathe knowing I got this.

Tip #4: Ask for help when you want it or need it. You maybe surprised at how many people may want to help you. Even though the person may appear busy to you they truly may not be as busy as you think. You never know until you go ahead and ask for help from that person.

Tip #5: Laugh and laugh out loud when you mess up, can’t think at times the way you want or whatever the case maybe instead of using anger, or frustration to handle the mess. Remember laughter is always the best way to heal and deal with most things in life. Least it gets those endorphins going to cheer you up.

Tip #6 Have fun and enjoy reading my blog, and my facebook page, Healing For The Soul, as you can never get too many ideas to heal year round. Wouldn’t you like to have a stress reduced holiday?

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