Hypnosis, CBD, What’s Next?

Many of you maybe wondering why I post about cbd recently instead of hypnosis or you maybe wondering if I know what company I am even working on. To clear up any confusion I started in direct sales with Tupperware in 2008. I went from there to a couple different ones until I found the ones that worked for me. Never know what works until you try. Even at that it may take time to know if it’s the right fit for you. Well I was selling Young Living, Discovery Toys and HempWorx all prior to my hypnotherapy college I did. I put my direct sales on the back burner to finish college before son number four that’s correct number four as in four boys all four years and younger came along. I pushed hard to finish college before the July 2019 due date. Well I finished up my diploma in April 2019. Needless to say, I met the obstacles and won over every last one of them. Did I mention I did take a trip to Colorado while 7 months pregnant driving took me 16 hrs. Won’t do that again. Now I am learning how things work within and what makes me feel the best and what I can do to keep creating these feelings of continued healing. Self hypnosis I have found is key in my life to use.

Now that the rhythm of how to do life with everything is set now I am adding back the direct sales to allow another avenue for those I am treating and or wanting to seek other avenues to better lifestyle as well. I have been with Discovery Toys for total of 4 years and had a lot of major life events in that time. Young Living was March 2018 I started because well I love oils and I knew the benefits of having them. HempWorx I started in April 2018 prior to my 2 back surgeries. Needles to say pain can drive a lot of things either good or bad. While there is potential for some competition between the 2 wellness driven companies I am apart of please know both have excellent features and benefits to them both. That is a choice you make on that like I did. Discovery Toys of course no one could pay me to leave them. It truly is a family company where yes, everyone even the owners, greet you by name, know about you and do care about you succeeding.

I hope this clears some issues up if any for anyone in case you’re wondering what’s going on via Facebook or my other accounts. I do keep everything straight the best I can between everything and wow you should see my follow up list. It’s a amazing people I truly work with overall and I know you’re curious where you may fit into all of what I do. It’s okay to not know right now. I don’t charge to talk unless I am doing something within my hypnotherapy for actual hypnosis session. Then I do yes, after all I am doing what I can for my family like you are doing. I truly hope and wish the best for everyone who reads my posts, follows me and know this I believe in the power of the mind. You can do anything you set your mind to. Wouldn’t you choose to invest in yourself?

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