CBD Life

Well, let’s talk about CBD. Many of you see my business and think only hypnotherapy. I do much more than that. I have direct sales as I have been in that industry for over 10 yrs and have been with a few companies. Each one has there perks and not as much. I have found the 3 I love the most I can’t live without. For now this post is on the cbd oil I use daily. I use it for inflammation, swelling, overall moods, and much more. That’s just me using the 750 mg along with the coffee x1 packet daily for my overall health knowing that I care for myself allows me to help others. I do have 1 son with special needs who uses it. He’s different from on the oil to without it. No thc in what he gets either. Just what we already have naturally just more of it. We have a cannabidoil system in our bodies built in. I believe that when we add what God gave us already for hemp and no high this is what helps improve our systems overall.

Think of hypnosis, it’s all our mind’s power creating our reality. That reality is good or bad it still happens either way for us. Now take our cannabidoil system and view that the same way just adding a little more pep to what we already have to help us function. I combine my direct sales within my practice if asked about it. Why? The better question is why shouldn’t I want to help my clients have the best life possible? Don’t my clients deserve the best? I believe they do 1000% hence why I like to offer various options. Not just using the various skill of e.f.t or mental bank or many others I learned. I want others who are in pain to use hypnosis along with whatever natural products they can as long as the doctor okays it. That is truly what I believe is the happy balance method to life. If one part of your life is off the rest will fall apart sooner rather than later. Why not take a leap and find out what Hempworx can do for you. After all don’t you deserve to have the best in life, wouldn’t you agree?

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