Do you ever get scared? Terrified of the things that could happen only to find out what you were thinking never happened? Or Maybe you have fear built up inside of various things that others have no clue about and yet you wonder can hypnosis help me? Yes, hypnosis can help put your mind at ease when it comes to fears or phobias without being exposed to the actual issue that is related to fears or phobias. There are various techniques that can be used to treat fears and one for phobias. Maybe your fear of spiders or other insects can dissipate. How would your life improve ridding this fear alone? How about fear of success how much more money would you have? Fear affects us all and only two fears we are born with. Fear of loud noises and falling are in all of us. The rest are learned by association and or identification.

I had a fear of success and making more money than my husband. Why? The way I grew up the husband made more than the wife. Least in the household I grew up  it was this way and taught to me. As an adult this isn’t true at all. Using hypnosis I was able to overcome this fear of success and making more money than my husband. We are still on the path of getting more done for business to help others which long term we will have more money together and create success together. This doesn’t scare me and I am slowly working on my fear of lack. Lacking the ability to provide for my family while my husband watches the kids full time where I would work full time when I have clients. Right now while I spread the great news of clients I have helped, write blogs and do what I can with 3 under 3 for sons full time I am giving myself the ok. The ok, I am a mom, I hypnotize others including myself, I am allowed to not do business on every platform everyday like others can. When I have clients I make time for them over any other business task I do. My clients come 1st in helping them. For those who are scared of having hypnosis done I found more control in my life in general since I started. I found also that doing all what I do I with more clients I have I am providing for my family when I stopped long enough to think about it. That to me is on the road to success. Whatever your fear is let’s work on it together. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. I believe in you.

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