Back into Action

You may have noticed I haven’t wrote for little over one week. I have posted when I can on the various social media platforms I am on. I left to go visit my dying grandma in law who did pass on October 8, 2019. From there of course the funeral and in between time figuring out life not just for my husband and kids for me too. See I will miss my grandma-in-law because she believed in me and her grandson of course. If she didn’t live to have children I wouldn’t have my mother-in-law who gave birth to my husband and well I wouldn’t be as happy as I am despite many tragic events that have occurred for me. I didn’t always get along with her and vice versa. Social services cps system created that huge triangulation among many in our family.  It’s been hurtful, anger, and all the above which is all part of the grieving process besides dealing with family members who may not always agree on how to handle things. I will remember and keep the two promises I made my grandma-in-law on her death bed.

I pride myself on being transparent with everyone. I am glad I can use my experiences to help others succeed in life. The legacy I want to leave behind more than I changed my life from disabled due to traumatic brain injury and changed my life around after my mn cps crap to my legacy of how many lives I have brought to God. Not only be known for bringing others to God its showing others how I have used every single one of my horrible life experiences for His Power, His Glory and how wonderful He is. Yes, we have death and lots of unanswered prayers. Yet, God is the only one who knows why for any of it. When I wanted out of life I did attempt suicide a few times yes. However, I am thankful I never succeeded. I wanted the emotional pain, the emotional trauma to just stop. Anything to feel joy again without using drugs, alcohol, etc to just feel life again. I never turned towards those ways. Instead God sent hypnosis my way and my grandma-in-law helped me get to Las Vegas, NV for my 1st training I had by another hypnotherapist who basically taught how to read a script at the hotel. Least that was my take away from it. My point is on her death bed she told me, “she wishes things had been different for us.” Along with many I love you and I miss you to each other. My beliefs in myself I had some of it and I never really thought anyone believed in me (besides 3 family members blood related) until she helped me get to where I wanted to go. Then my husband, her grandson, pushing me and still does to do what I love in helping others.

I realize not everyone has the same life experiences and that’s good because life would be boring. I realize some people may not like my posts, or videos because I am very real, honest and at times blunt with my world view. Even with my radio show I do say “crap” for some of the issues because to me sometimes life can feel like we have been dealt way more crap than we can handle and I want to appeal to those who are wanting to make a real change and it’s a permanent, long lasting out of this world priceless change. That change I experienced when I got to relax for the 1st time ever when hypnotized. I never felt relaxed or like I could until that 1st time I was hypnotized. That change was the path I chose and yes I got help and still have gotten help along the way to do this business. In closing as I write this know I am working on life while helping others. I did publish about 7 podcasts now and I have more content to post for it. I am working on my Youtube channel and I won’t break my promises I made to my grandma-in-law. For now know I am back into action for my posts, my emails, etc I do have. Don’t forget to book your appointment with me as the 15 min is free and if we go over it’s all good. Stay strong, know your loved and watch for more from me.

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