Money myth #1

Living paycheck to paycheck is how all of us live. Whether that’s $300 a paycheck or $3,000 a paycheck it’s still the exact same thing waiting to have the money from our jobs, careers whatever you choose to call it. Some get wrapped up in labels when it comes to money for not having enough or too little. What if I told you that having money isn’t the root of all evil? It’s a well known phrase by many and yet that is why many choose to un-subconsciously spend every dime despite wanting to have money. They were taught wrong like many of us that money makes a person evil. The truth is having money is exact same concept as having a spoon. You choose what you eat and do with that spoon. Same goes for money in how it operates. You choose to use it for evil or for good.

With the money I have I choose to invest in myself in order to help others. Knowing that having money doesn’t make me evil or change who I am. Having little money below poverty is where I have been since being on disability at 18 yrs old. My current status is right at that poverty line. Does that change who I am when I have money? Nope. Has my mindset changed when it comes to money? Yes. Knowing I have the power within to allow money in or out of my life with the tools to change it at any given time is amazing. I use what little I had to start Healing For The Soul investing in myself to help others. When I do have thousands coming in I won’t change that part of me. The desire to help others I have is strong. Money is energy not who you are.

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