# 2 Myth

Most people have only seen the Hollywood portrayal of hypnosis being done. Hollywood, movies, stage shows are no where close to hypnotherapy or hypnosis being used in a therapeutic ways. True healing does occur with every person I have helped in the process to achieving their goals. It’s more than one session to achieve this. That is not the same as going to traditional therapy for years not feeling any better. Hypnotherapy can take anywhere from 3 sessions depending on issue to many more as it 100% based on each individual for how many sessions the client will need. It’s far from years to be treated using hypnosis. After all the key to your life lies deep inside you and using hypnosis in a therapeutic setting is the fastest way my clients have found inner healing. Imagine what your life can be like when you change your thoughts which ultimately change your life.

Far as therapeutic hypnosis goes it is extremely powerful when done and used correctly for the right issue. Take a dentist for example their are plenty of negatives surrounding dentistry which Hollywood makes it scary for a few movies they have. mimicking inner fears others may have yet when it comes to hypnosis the same thing is done. It provokes unnecessary fear of getting help. That is dange you agree?

Needless to say I can’t make you do anything you personally don’t want to do.

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