#1 myth

I have thought alot about what hollywood portrays us Hypnotists as for watch swinging, eye staring, mind controlling, etc. Not truly knowing what I do is changing lives. People come to me as they are in all forms seeking help. Thinking one session and done, problems solved. Truth is to make a long lasting permanent change requires more time to undo years of various issues. Nothing great ever takes place or happens overnight. That doesn’t mean hypnosis doesn’t work. It means some issues take more time than others as some may have roots to pull up and move.

Think of yourself when you 1st learned how to walk. You didn’t just come out as a baby walking. No you came out no words, no smiles, you came out crying, naked and cold. From there it took time to learn various tasks from smiling to cooing to mama, dada to crawling to walking. It all took time to accomplish the long term goal of walking instead of not crawling which led to walking. Certainly there are rare “hypno-miracles” that do occur in 1 session. Smoking cessation is honestly the only one I have come across that can be done in 1 lengthy session depending again on various factors. With sessions I hold with my clients I know I can help them and they know it takes time to heal. All the issues do take less time to heal and get to core of the issue in lot less time than traditional talk therapy does. That is truly where private paying me to help does save you money long term.

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