Talk Therapy Vs Hypnotherapy

I value educating others in an un-biased way. Letting others decided with full confidence in what they chose for themselves without being judged. I too, have done “traditional talk therapy” for over 16 years. I never did get any better from any of those years spent in “traditional therapy”. I never got out of old hurts, or habits from “traditional therapy” it wasn’t until God led me to hypnosis did I find the healing I needed from within. Hypnotherapy is truly a way to change your life after 1 session with me guiding you. Just 1 session is an excellent road to take anywhere you want to be for the best you deserve in life. I believe in you and I believe in the power of us working as a team to beat whatever you’re going through.

Traditional Therapy”

  1. Insurance pays based off diagnosis from the DSM-5 manual which tells how to get a service paid for
  2. Usually takes years to work on an issue that either leads to more issues or doesn’t ever seem to resolve
  3. Sessions usually are 45 min just talking No hypnosis or life changing event in that 45 minutes requiring you to come back for more long term in terms of years
  4. Some people may not even have a psychology degree as the laws are now requiring less education to practice traditional therapy to treat mental health issues
  5. Costs can vary due to co-pay or no insurance coverage from $43 for 45 min session to $300 plus for a 45 minute session


  1. Insurance won’t cover service as hypnosis doesn’t keep you sick as it can heal a lot of issues that traditional ways can’t. (That’s not to say that we don’t need traditional help like medications, or doctors as we still need them to help us at times.)
  2. Every session involves cognitive portion with hypnosis time may vary which one gets most time spent on and the time varies from 60 min to 90 min.
  3. Not regulated in many states. only California, Colorado, Florida, Washington, Minnesota, Ohio, and New York currently have any laws regarding practicing)
  4. No “official government” hypnosis/hypnotherapy licensing requirements.
  5. Over 145 topics within various subjects that can be healed using hypnotherapy.
  6. Cost not covered by then insurance and can vary from $250 plus for 1 60 minute session to which I charge less to help my services affordable for everyone seeking my help.

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