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Not sure if you’re like me where you feel like your running around doing 40 things at once. To find out doing a check list of what your day actually consists of really isn’t all what you thought it was. While I may seem like I am doing a ton of things with 3 sons under 3 full time, doing everything within my business (not just hypnotizing), 3 direct sales and just starting a very part time job I am not doing all what I thought. I decided to do a checklist. This is one way I chose to help me stay on task using my skills from the mental bank. Not only can I now track visually what I am doing to meet my ultimate goal I can also keep my mental bank accurate now too. I have used mental bank which is a great skill to use to meet any goal you wish to accomplish in addition to hypnosis. It does work without hypnosis, however, I find it best for me to use it this way.

I never was a set time to get things done for appointments, or a check list kind of person. Having kids and doing all what I am now I am finding this checklist life is a great way to truly track all what I am doing. I can build habits which it takes doing any task 21 times in order for the subconscious to accept it as new habit. So far I am now on week 4 of my check list. Notice all the posts on here? The website updates? The emails going out more frequent? Lot has changed and continue that way once I figured out what I truly am doing versus what I thought I was doing. Needless to say I printed off my checklist to keep my next 6 weeks still on the same moving forward track. I better get going for now. I have radio show tomorrow, Sept 6 at 3:30 pm central time to do and I have to get ready for next week’s show.

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