Where can you find me?

Maybe I am confusing to some being sometime my business is listed as, Healing For The Soul and other times it’s listed as Healing For The Soul Hypnosis. Well long story short almost everywhere I have attempted to make an account, Healing For The Soul, is taken. Course I added on my main practice to reflect what I could do for problem solving. Just double check to make it’s me. The list below will help you out. In addition to the various platforms I am on I am adding podcasts. I intend on helping as many people as I can. I am working on my “checklist” of all business operations to keep all the various audiences up to date. Right now I can tell you that my scheduling appointment site with me is 100% up to date daily. I get any new booking I have it marked down which for you that means if you too want your life changed soon to get booking now. Currently I am booking 2 weeks out at a time. I know you have 15 min to schedule your virtual coffee with me. How do I know? Curiosity is peaking with every time you have read my blog posts, my emails, and viewed my Facebook page. Now the curiosity is even higher to follow me with my podcasts in addition to my radio show I have.

Facebook: Healing For The Soul

LinkedIn: Robin Stoltman

Podcast: anchor.fm/healingforthesoulhypnosis

Skype: Healing For The Soul Hypnosis

Instagram: thehealingforthesoul

HMI Grads: Robin Stoltman

YouTube: Healing For The Soul Hypnosis (not enough followers yet maybe under, Robin Stoltman)

Pinterest: Healing For The Soul Hypnosis

Angie’s List: Healing For The Soul

Long story short? Hear or view the outlets I am on and have a great day!

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