Do you ever lay in bed just trying to sleep? Do you rely on medications to sleep? What do you do while you’re laying in bed with all these various thoughts running through your mind? Do these thoughts keep you up? Or make it so you get up to do the task hoping that will allow you to sleep? Or what about pain with legs that move constantly? Or how about falling asleep just to wake a few hours later? If you’re like over 60 million Americans that have sleep issues you may feel trapped in a viscous cycle of medications, sleep doctors, chronic stress, failing relationships, etc all due to lack of sleep.

Did you know that 8 hours of rested sleep everyday can help you keep stress levels down? Or that 1 hypnosis session is equal to 8 hrs of rested deep sleep? That alone is why hypnosis feels absolutely wonderful to have done. Who wouldn’t want to do hypnosis just to re-energize their minds? I get the lack of sleep. After all, I have 3 sons full time with me under 3 years old. I get there isn’t always, “me” time. Or “my sleep” time. Sometimes I have wondered how can I get to sleep with a baby having colic while the other one sleeps. Or the “when will this baby sleep through the night” stage for me to sleep. I get it as a parent and the sleep issues prior to having any children.

What if there was a better way than “hoping” to sleep? What if there was a way to not rely on medications to sleep everyday? What if you could calm your thoughts allowing you to sleep? What if the crawling sensations in the legs ceased allowing your body to just relax and let go? Can you imagine how your life could be? What kind of longevity could you add just being able to sleep? Imagine the side effects from the sleep medication gone. How would that affect your body? How much money would you be saving between the prescription and the doctor follow ups? What if you have the ability to sleep soundly, deeply for 8 hours how would your life be different? What if this healing could happen for you like it has for the millions that turn to hypnosis for a better way of living? What if that person could be you?

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