Never judge a person by their looks

This is a short history of some of my major life events. I hope by reading this it will encourage you. I have listed only a small amount of benefits from hypnosis I have received. I had 16 years of “traditional” talk therapy and still felt messed up. Once I started using hypnosis my life improved tremendously. After all we can change our lives simply by changing our thoughts.

Some of my Life Changes:

  • survivor of abuses
  • Over 15 surgeries
  • Traumatic Brain Injury at 16 yrs old now only mild effects from it
  • child taken from mn cps without any proof or court orders at 4 days old and moved to SD to save the life of my son I was pregnant with…now having 3 sons zero issues since I moved to South Dakota

How Hypnosis Helped me:

  • Become a better wife, mother, sister, and team player by turning my tragedies into an inspiration to help others in turn starting, Healing For The Soul
  • Anger about mn cps/foster care system I speak out in a healthy way vs a revengeful way instead it led me to hypnosis to control the PTSD, stress, and become an advocate to help encourage others dealing with the lies to move forward in a positive way the best they can
  • Take ownership of my own self worth and value after surviving various abuses to no longer people pleasing, or being pushed around
  • Gave me back my life in more ways than I ever thought was possible

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