Spouse got you down?

Maybe my story doesn’t apply to you or secretly it does for some parts. I do believe we all share at one point a common link that ties us together in some way. I am laying awake in my bed with my snoring husband who thinks I never appreciate him. He thinks I say a lot of bad to others about him. Yet, like I told him earlier think what you want. Guess that’s why I always tell others how much you have helped me.

Anyone else deal with the spouse who you love and same time can’t seem to get them to understand you do appreciate them? I know my husband helps us care for our boys after all he helped make them. He goes to work while I stay home working on our business and other things. Our money is very tight and has been for last 10yrs. We are working on paying it all and doing our best. It’s what all of us do.

Maybe I am the only one with problems in the world who admits issues knowing the more I work towards the solution the better my life gets. Or maybe I just like educating myself as my husband has told me I keep spending money and nothing is coming in. While this is true right now more going out than coming in I know it won’t last forever. Same for the thinking I say bad about him to others. It’s all how we perceive things to which 99% of how we view things has nothing to do with us when it comes to others. It has to do with our minds and what we think and same for the other person before any words are spoken.

While this post is long if you also struggle with the spouse like I do know their are options to enhance your relationship using hypnotherapy. I am not talking just the bedroom either hypnosis can enhance. I am talking the communication, trust and more can be improved starting with yourself for past issues you may have had with others that cause issues now. Or maybe that’s just me too. Whatever happens in life with or without a spouse just know you are worthy of what you give back to the other person.