Tips on Raising Non-self entitled Children

I have been debating how much to post on the whole parenting lifestyle for a while. It can be a touchy subject for some. Over the years from working at day cares, or the college I previously attended for child care and development and the many friends and the 1 family member who I did get paid to care for her kids at times I have learned a lot. I have well over 10 years of child care experience all prior to having my own children. I have done a lot of observing of how other parents treat their children when out in public and how they reward or discipline their children in this process of life. Now enter in what I know about the subconscious and our life scripts I learned over the last year and continue to learn within my hypnotherapy practice. What I know now is more powerful in helping other parents, caregivers, etc. Including us adults who can’t always seem to figure out why we can’t get what we want yet others can without any difficulties. Below are some tips I learned I do use daily and have with all the years of experience and now incorporating more with what I have learned:

  1.  Treat others including yourself the way you want to be treated. I know it seems easier said than done. Believe me if you treat anyone including children the way you want them to treat you it makes life a lot easier. Does this mean if someone hits or says something bad to you for you to say it or do the action back? No. It means no matter how bad or good someone treats you always treat them the way you want to be treated. If you have a bad day and yell at your kids and expect them to not do that to you that is teaching them authority can do whatever they want including hurting others just for having a bad day.
  2. Do self-hypnosis and if you don’t know how to do this reach out to someone like myself who can teach you how. Mediation is simply clearing the mind. Whereas self hypnosis is great for stress reduction, repeating powerful affirmations and more to help calm self and relax any tension in the body. It’s amazing how even 10 min of self hypnosis can help you get through a day. I would know 1st hand with 3 young boys I do have full time all under age 3 that self hypnosis is vital everyday.
  3. Drop the screen time use by limiting it to 1hr a day if at all possible. It’s summer and kids need to be kids playing outdoors, including adults. Have fun it’s in our dna to play as that is how we learn is by play. Our interactions with others write our life scripts, our subconscious and our critical mind along with our logic all goes back to human interaction 1st and foremost. I strongly believe the best way to have an entitled child who turns out with a lot of behavioral issues is from over use of any screen whether its tv, video games, internet, phones, etc.
  4. If you want to have a child who works in life at a job and learns the value of money make the child work for it. My parents made me work for my 1st car, my 1st cell phone, etc including pay for my gasoline, vehicle repairs, etc. I did start working at KFC in alexandria, mn when I was 14yrs old in the lobby. I hated it but I did the work because I knew I wanted a car and at 15 I could drive with a permit. I had motivation to get what I wanted. There is nothing wrong with making your child figure out how to get a job, use public transportation and pay for it themselves and pay you back for helping them start out. It teaches them value of money, how to use public transportation which is a life skill for problem solving, teaches them to work for what they want, teaches them to respect what they have and it teaches them my parents love me to make me a better person by contributing to society by having a job. Many other things are learned by this too including being responsible.
  5. If you say no, own it, and don’t give in. I know this is the hardest to do. Mine being very little are still in the state of hypnosis as all children are from conception to 7 or 8yrs old right before the critical mind develops. They accept everything you tell them as the absolute truth whether that is good or bad info you give them. If you tell your child they are bad for pouring water on the floor like I have gotten after a few people for doing to my son. The subconscious mind will seek out anything that is considered “bad” behavior to prove the child is bad. The only bad one in this case is the adult for not watching the 2yr old before he poured the water onto the floor.
  6. Reward them in the good times to encourage their subconscious to seek out the good behaviors. They are only kids once and they have their entire lives to be with electronics, and other influences as adults. Enjoy them while they are little. By little I mean 18yrs old and under. I don’t care how old your kids are mine will always be my babies and I am raising my sons to be great husbands for their wives, a great father for their kids.

You can take or leave my tips. Either way I know parenting is hard and not raising self entitled children to grow up to be a healthy, productive adult is challenging with how society is going these days. Trust yourself, do self-hypnosis, stay positive no matter how bad you want to rip your hair out from stress. Know that by making your kids earn what they want is the best thing you can do as a parent. I had to learn it myself and despite my brain injury and being on disability I still have worked and now am in the process of helping others do the same. If I hadn’t been taught the value of money, the value of having a job to get what I want I would not have worked and wouldn’t have what I have now in life.