Dazed in life?

Does it seem like life is passing you by? Does your lifestyle feel like “same old crap just different day” no matter what you do? My life sure has felt like that at times. I know I am not alone on that. I have felt like I have been in a daze for a long time going through the hoops and loops of life. I have met a lot of people from “regular” to “local celebrities” to “famous celebrities” overtime. I have been on t.v. more times than I can remember for various things. I have even gone to an American Idol audition in Minneapolis, MN. Most people either have done these things or haven’t for what I just talked about. I have done it all in a daze. This “daze” is the best way I can describe some days how I have attempted to survive life day to day at times. By survive, not in abuse terms, I mean just taking a deep breath to get through ok, “what’s the next step to get this hour over” as an example.

I say this as today after being in this daze for more than couple years to just now realizing when I took the time to stop and think what I have done in life has been a tremendous amount. It’s been good and bad I have gone through. Our subconscious focuses on whatever we want it to. The main goal and function of our subconscious is to keep us alive. It doesn’t know fact from fiction. It only knows whatever we tell it to believe and from the time growing up from conception to 7 or 8 years old based on our main caregivers how they treated us. My case no matter how many people have said to me, “you are brave”, or “I could never do that to meet with someone like that” when I have met with “celebrities” or “local celebrities” or stood up against cps it never dawned on me I have changed lives. I have been changing my own this whole time through the different actions I have taken and continue to take.

This daze of going through the motions never fully realizing it until now that I have changed so many lives and others I have met changing mine. What I love about hypnosis is seeing my client’s lives changing from our 1st session to our last session. The improvements, the mindset, overall coming from one “regular” person to this amazing transformed beautiful person who put in the hard work to change their lives. I am not the one who takes any credit for the people I see. Those who come see me are the ones deciding that life, “being the same crap, different day” stops and need this change to seek me out to guide them to where they want to go. It’s the client’s who are successful in this change. While you may think you haven’t done much in your life truth is if you stop and think back hard on the positives you have done I know you will be like me. Amazed at how much you have done, how far you have come and if you’re not where you want to be yet. That’s where it may be a great time to get serious and follow those dreams. Having me to help guide you is the best gift you can give yourself and others.

*Note* I put quotations on certain words to describe labels commonly used by others. Leaving it open to interpretation as we all have our own views on what we consider people to be with these labels I used in quotations.

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