Let’s Talk Fibromyalgia


Suffering is optional in life. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia myself as a young teen prior to my brain injury at 16 yrs old. Prior to 2003 there were less “tender points” and now there are more medically known as tender points. Which I did have until I found hypnosis and emotional freedom technique. The chronic pain affected my relationships with anyone and everyone. It didn’t stop at just my husband or kids. If I would go to the store and someone bumped into me it would hurt or going to the doctor would hurt because it’s what life was for me. I swear just rubbing my arm would send pain signals to my brain. I have taken Savella, Lyrica, Gabapetin for the pain in the past. Now since I have used more natural techniques and alternatives I don’t deal with this issue of fibromyalgia like I did. I do use my cbd oil and my essential oils in addition to self-hypnosis to help. I never imagined how life can be without pain that stopped me from living the way I wanted to. All that changed which is why I do incorporate cbd and essential oils into my life and offer that to my clients I help. I feel it’s vital for those I help to know there are many options that can work to reduce pain or other life issues.

If you’re like I was in life far as just the fibromyaliga fogging up your thoughts, making it hard to concentrate, and hard to allow loved ones to touch you some days I highly recommend using the combo I have. If you want to do just one of the combos I have that is a start towards the best life you deserve to have. My goals like I have said before is to help those who want it and those who are serious about wanting a better life. Just imagine all that you can do using your mind. After all we did put a man on the moon. Nothing is impossible. Start living and start loving life again pain free. I know I have and you can too.

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