“Dis”-Abled to Hypnotherapist

As I have said in prior posts is that I am on disability for my severe front right lobe traumatic brain injury to be exact on what my disability is. Does this effect me helping others? No, it never has. I refuse to let the diagnosis and the issues it has caused stop me from living. I have met many who have brain injuries who can’t do all what I can do yet. That’s not to upset anyone either. I am thankful God has blessed me. I am far from perfect and having my injury go from the severe to mild effects from it has been a long journey. No one can see I have it unless I tell them. I chose to use my life experiences to help others. My disability and my strong will to be off it through helping others is one of my ways I can give back. Let’s go back to last year when I 1st learned about hypnosis.

In 2018 I had learned about hypnosis when I was in a different direct sales company I am not with now. I went to Vegas to learn at a hotel in a 4 day training. It was from this I am able to let others know the differences between who to seek when looking for someone to treat any kind of issue you may have. When I was there I experienced none of my chronic pain from Fibromyalgia, or nerve pain I have suffered from for years. Why? When I was in that state of such deep relaxation for the 1st time in my life I was at ZERO on the pain scale. Once I was out of the hypnosis state I knew I wanted more. After that 15 to 20 min of no pain I knew I had to learn more so I could help others. When I got home I sought out a college. Mostly to prove to my husband I want to help others using hypnosis and vegas wasn’t a wasted trip. Once I found Hypnosis Motivation Institute I became hooked. I keep learning more about our brain, why we do what we do and how to help others using their minds to reach their goals. Which has led me to many areas of focus based on my own life where I can best relate to others and their needs.

When I think back how many people I have helped over the years and even now as a hypnotherapist it’s amazing. I want to help others succeed and for me I never was the type who did do the work required in direct sales consistently. Once I got more interested in knowing my skills can help others from hypnosis it was Jan 2019 I decided to work consistently by stepping outside every comfort zone. I push myself to help someone daily. I put in well over 200 hours a month into myself for learning and doing all the brochures, website, Facebook page, etc.

This push came from within myself as I have been healing myself at the same time. I no longer have chronic migraines where I appear to have stroke to others. I no longer have the roller coaster moods. I no longer have the anxiety as I was able to bring the pain level of I need pain killer, oxycodone, and flexeril to live normally to now I am fine. The pain exists on a manageable level for me. I no longer feel iv needles going in. My veins roll and hide and are small so for me to not feel them and be a human pincushion it a huge blessing. This is only a small sample of what hypnosis has done for me since Jan 2019 and it’s already mid June 2019. Imagine what your life can be like. What is holding you back that you want to control over your life? Is it finances? It is Pain? What do you want to take control over in your own life? Once you experience a hypnosis session with me you will realize the full power of your own mind. Everyone I have helped says the same to me, I have changed their life for the best. What changes do you want?

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