Greatness Lies Within

Have you ever wondered what is the point to my own life? I see all these actors, musicians, and millionaires with these nice houses, fancy cars, etc. Perhaps the perfect lifestyle that you want but can’t seem to reach? Why do they get to achieve greatness and why can’t I? Am I not special? I mean I try so hard to make ends meet the way it is working constantly and I still can’t get anywhere I want to go. Sure some people may have it worse but hey they do it to themselves. I mean I am one that is working to support everyone else and I can’t seem to catch the break I need.

Does this ever sound like you? I know at times in my own life I have heard others complain nonstop about others then when it comes to looking at themselves….yeah let’s not go there. Truth is your mind is Powerful. What you think becomes your reality whether that’s good or bad. Example we all are guilty of complaining about someone doing something that we know we ourselves do. Texting and driving we all do it at some point. Yet, we complain and say negative crap about those who get caught doing it or kill others because of their mistakes of texting and driving. Our thoughts about ourselves and others are very powerful.

What’s the difference between a holly wood actor and you? Nothing except the mindset. Can you be an actor if you really wanted to be? Yes you can. Even actors, musicians, millionaires need Hypnotherapists to help them keep the mindset they are seeking. Sure they are confident, have tons of money, and well you don’t have that to spend out on making healthier life choices accessing hypnotherapy. Yet, you just spent out money on that new car, or on more clothes you really didn’t need yet.

Who is taking care of your needs? Who is taking care of you? See in the end of this life you choose where you go on a daily basis. You choose to be great and have what you want debt free or you can choose like I did to be done.

I have invested well over $11k into myself and this hypnotherapy practice with help of my husband and tax refund. Disability sure doesn’t pay out to live. I chose to do this business to help others knowing I can make a difference and I will. One person at a time will achieve the greatness they have using the tools of hypnosis. I am thankful for this investment I have done.

In the end if I do is turn out to be the best wife, best mother ever and stay on disability and I don’t help others I still consider myself a success. Why? Because I still fought for what I believe and I still did try to help others. I still keep pushing myself through it all. I know you can do the same.

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