Changes along the way

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Some may have noticed various changes along the way whether it’s my hours or in general how I have been doing things. With any new business the first two years are usually trial and error working hard to get perfection for what works for them and who they serve. As life changes there maybe times when hours for me may need to change. For example in July I am taking time off for 1st two weeks. I have a huge life changing sale going on to help those I serve in return helping me achieve my dream to walk across stage in California at graduation. I am always taking new classes not to add more initials after my name. It’s to keep learning to keep going in the main areas I want to help people in. Pain control is one of those main focus areas which also has a lot more courses involved to help serve others. Course most hypnotists and or hypnotherapists may not always have all the certificates either like I am going for. This is okay too.

Pain control and or management to me is treating both the emotional and the physical part of our mind, body and spirit. The mind and body are very much connected as the spirit is too in this overall system. I understand pain from surgery, and all the work insurance requires to get any surgery done. I went through the mri, ct scans, the xray and the pain psychologist just to be able to get cortisone shots. That was for areas for where the testing shows medical issues. Still I had to go through a lot which I have empathy with others based on the realm of pain alone both emotional/mental and physical pain. The pain I was in at one point was so severe that even with radio frequency done in my low back and my neck I had to take strong pain killer and a muscle relaxant. That was my daily life for about 2 years. I am thankful I never developed a pain killer addiction.

What does my quick to the point have to do with pain and hypnosis? Everything I have learned about where my passion within hypnotherapy lies is where I have the most experience with personally which gives me the greater passion to help others. I have learned to change my wording to help control pain. Example is I used to say, “my adopted dad is a pain in my ass”. Guess what I had to have surgery over a period of time in my si joint. This si joint is at the tail end of the spine and I sit on it. After learning about our words affecting us either good or bad I no longer say that. Even after surgery I was having pain in my si joints. Once I quit saying that about my adopted dad the pain ceased I did have in my si joint after surgery. Our words are powerful to bring life or death to ourselves and to others. Next time you think, “oh, I have a bad shoulder” or whatever the case may be please be careful as you can bring life or death to that part of the body. If you want more info on how I can treat your pain please visit: https//