If I had known

It was a hot, sticky day in Alexandria, MN on June 8, 2002. I had just gotten worst sexual abuse the night before by my adopted dad and that the 1st and last time I would let it happen. After no help from cps, cops, school people and so called, “adults” in my life I took matters as a 16 year old child into my own hands to escape the hell from occurring again. I had been grounded from my car which meant my bicycle was all that I could take to leave my adopted dad, and my mom. I had my helmet on which turned out to save my life when I crashed hard on the tar. My bicycle chain wrapped around my back tire which I had no clue that happened until I went to use the breaks. I kept praying and asking God to keep me alive for my mom, sister and future husband and kids right before my lights went out. The lights I refer to was very quick flashing off and on in my brain when my head with helmet on hit the pavement cracking it from middle of my head to my right ear. It got dark and when the lights did return more lightening fast flickers as there was an angel man who pulled me from where I landed. He pulled me from the dead center¬† blind spot just as 2 cars were coming down that would’ve hit me. Medically at that time I wished I had died. I went from straight A student to d, and f’s which I had to get help from the school to pass classes so I could graduate. I had a severe front right lobe traumatic brain injury that destroyed a lot and put me through my own death that it was hard to see myself in the mirror knowing who I was died and I can never get that same person back prior to injury.

What does this have to do with hypnosis? Everything. It gave me empathy, authenticity, medical knowledge, mental health knowledge, knowing all signs of abuse not just sexual, and so much more. I have the life experiences that most will never go through. That gives me the courage to help others get past their own pain, or to make life changes. I had no clue prior to hypnosis that I could change my life as rapid as I have. When mn cps stole my 1st living son at the hospital from me which I really wish they had succeeded in my death at that time. I felt no hope, like God left me again, and so many more words I felt inside. Death would’ve been easy to take even after I was forced to sign over my rights to my son with mn cps having zero proof of harm. Among other things they didn’t have to even steal him. I was given a choice to sign my son over or lose my son I had saved in South Dakota from mn cps wanting me to kill him at 21 wks (abortion).

Again what does this have to do with hypnosis? Everything. I was broken so bad beyond all belief from these 2 major life tragedies. I found out about hypnosis in 2018 and the college I graduated from in Sept. I learned about how powerful our minds are and much more. Everything I had been through and how I can use my life’s experiences to move forward in my life to help others. This is why part of my about Healing For The Soul I state what I do. I have been through a lot more than others and it’s not to be mean or hurt others. I have had a miscarriage of identical twins which gave me closure. I died when my brain injury occurred, how I feel, and again when my son was stolen. No closure in either life experience. Using my hypnosis skills I have been able to heal what I can and still do. I am a work in progress as we all are. My purpose in telling my story isn’t to make you question, or be scared or pity me. My purpose is showing you life is more than what we think, act and feel about ourselves. Life is so much more. Looking back medically I no longer wish for my death at either of those times. The cps,cops, “adults” including my adopted dad never have been punished or charged for what they did to me or my son. Justice for me hasn’t existed and I raise awareness from these 2 life traumas. I know it can help others.

I am glad I am alive to help others through whatever pain they are going through so they too can heal. I am glad I graduated from college as a hypnotherapist and continue to do more in life. I am still on disability which means I am way below poverty line with my family. I am still working on meeting my goal of getting off the disability by supporting others in achieving their dreams using hypnotherapy. Knowing this about me now may or may not change your thoughts about how I can help you. Knowing that I have been through the two situations in life and made it out alive and okay just imagine what you can achieve in your own life. Imagine or visualize how working with me knowing I haven’t gave up on myself can make the difference in your life as well. Can you picture how much better your life can be once you take a leap to trust yourself to use your own mind to achieve the life you want?

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